Chow Fam

In the ’90s, my ballet teacher introduced our class to our very own pianist, Zina. To this day, I am amazed by Zina’s breadth of knowledge in music.

It only takes a moment to see that her teaching method is unique, passionate. No matter if we are 4 siblings or 50 students sharing the same teacher, Zina has the ability to make each student’s personality stand out through music.

What can you expect from Zina when you take her class?
She’s open to different genres, can make anything sound amazing, and teach it. Just bring her a song you wish to learn, and you will see!

She’s patient, can sit through my chords practice longer than I can bear my chord practice.

She is very accommodating with her hours, which made it easy for me to adapt to my school/work hours.

She’s loving and caring but doesn’t be mistaken, when class is in session, she’s strict and music means music!

Zina doesn’t just teach a note for a note. She makes you understand them – once, you understand, you can’t forget, – feel them, and makes people around you want to also play a little piano.